WHO'S YOUR SCIENTIST?

Nantucket has a wealth of scientists, researchers and naturalists studying the variety of biodiversity within Nantucket's natural world. Every other year during even years, NBI hosts a weekend where you can connect with these scientists and participate in our field research.

The Citizen Science Weekend provides opportunities for the public to join our island scientists and guest researchers from off-island for a variety of events, including ecological field trips, invasive species management and research data collection! You can have a chance to learn about the island’s rare or invasive plants, birds, insects, beach invertebrates, turtles, snakes, trees and marine life.

Admission to all events is free and open to everyone! Pre-registration is required as some events have limited capacity. 

Check here for information about our next scheduled Citizen Science event

 A snapping turtle at the ocean end of Clark Cove.

A snapping turtle at the ocean end of Clark Cove.