2018: Dr. Shaun McCoshum


Shaun McCoshum, PhD
Cornell Post-Doctoral Researcher and Consultant

Since 2012, Shaun's research has focused on wild invertebrate pollinators in various systems from California to New York. The methods used for his research include: field work and specimen collections, using GIS and eco-niche models, comparative lab studies and garden experiments, citizen science data query, and in situ observations. He has also been working in ecological conservation and restoration work since 2010. Shaun has worked on invasive species management and sensitive ecosystem restoration on Catalina Island and on the threatened Mt. Charleston Blue butterfly habitat in the Spring Mountains in Nevada. Over the years he has worked with various butterflies with a large portion of his work focusing on Monarch ecology and their natural enemies, as well as native bee communities and their responses to land composition. Currently, Shaun works to protect drinking water, sensitive habitats, and threatened and endangered species from being impacted by development. He also volunteers at a local wildlife center to help increase native plant biodiversity. 

Shaun’s research focuses on the conservation of wild invertebrate pollinators and how we can support their needs in our own landscape practices.