The latest information on all things invasive plant related on Nantucket.

If you see any of the plants below on Nantucket, please report them ASAP to the IPSC. Contact either of these IPSC representatives:

Kelly Omand or Dr. Sarah Bois


New invader on Nantucket!

Parrot Feather was recently found in a waterbody connected to Miacomet Pond. Click below to learn more about identification and removal of this species.


Mile-A-Minute Vine

Mile-a-minute was recently found off of Polpis Rd. Download the info card below to help identify and figure out how to report it! 

2014-07-08 16.26.15.jpg

New Disposal plan at Nantucket dump

The members of IPSC worked with the Department of Public Works and Waste Options to design "best practices" regarding disposal of invasive plants at the Nantucket Environmental Park. Look for the sign below at the Dump to properly dispose of any invasives from your property.