Interested in being a member of the Nantucket IPSC? Have you discovered an invasive plant that needs reporting? Would you like to volunteer with one of our invasive plant removal projects?

There are multiple ways to get involved with the Invasive Plant Species Committee!

For more information on IPSC and to get involved, please contact either of our committee co-chairs: Dr. Sarah Bois and Kelly Omand.

Chinese Silver Grass planted.jpg

Report an invasive!

See something, say something! If you see an invasive plant on Nantucket, contact an IPSC co-chair (above) or become a plant reporter with EDDMapS! Click below to learn more.


Want to join us for some invasive plant removal fun? We conduct group removal events throught the growing season. Contact one of the IPSC co-chairs for more information and to sign up. Dr. Sarah Bois and Kelly Omand.