The Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative exists because of a core of volunteers with a passion for learning about and protecting Nantucket's natural world. There are so many ways to participate by donating your time and resources!


Transportation and if possible, vehicles with four-wheel-drive and large capacity, are essential to moving scientists and field trip participants around Nantucket. If you have such a vehicle you can press into service for our events, email NBI to volunteer as a driver.

Food and Beverages

Like the plants and animals they study, scientists need food and drink to keep going. And as there are usually a few group events during our weekend events at which food and beverages are offered, we need your help in providing sustenance for everyone. Want to help? Contact NBI at to work out the details. 


There's no such thing as too many volunteers! We always need an extra hand or two or three or four to make our events run smoothly. Join the fun by emailing NBI at and you'll be glad you got to help us out!

Equipment & supplies

Indoors and out, our events require all sorts of equipment for data logging, specimen collection, photography, documenting, presentations and logistics. If you have what we need or want to fund some of these needs, reach out to NBI.  

Meeting Space

Not all of NBI's events are outdoors. We need indoor venues for meetings, keynote speakers and for the Biodiversity Research Conference. You can help with the expense of using meeting space by sending an email to NBI with your contribution ideas.