Mission Statement

The mission of the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative (NBI) is to conserve the native biodiversity of Nantucket through collaborative research, monitoring and education.

         American Oystercatcher

        American Oystercatcher

               Bushy Rockrose

              Bushy Rockrose

                 Painted Lady

                Painted Lady


  • To work in partnership with conservation organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, local businesses, and individuals to further the mission of the NBI;

  • To support and facilitate biodiversity research on Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget islands and surrounding waters and share results with the scientific community and the general public;

  • To develop a comprehensive inventory of island species and document population trends;

  • To coordinate the cataloging of data and reports and organize the deposition of biological specimens at appropriate institutions; 

  • To detect and manage invasive exotic species that pose a threat to biodiversity on the islands;

  • To educate the public about the significance of diverse biological communities and inspire them to become responsible stewards of the environment; and

  • To make biodiversity information available to conservation organizations, government agencies, and the general public involved in decisions that affect Nantucket's environment.

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who we are

The Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, businesses and individuals.

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current nbi committee members

The NBI committee is comprised of representatives from our various collaborators and interested individuals.

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where we are

We are located on the off-shore islands of Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget in southeastern Massachusetts, USA.

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                                                       Male Common Yellowthroat

                                                      Male Common Yellowthroat